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Egypt gods are hot!
black, Wolf
So I was working on a project for my ancient civilization class and I got assigned egyptian gods. After looking up anubis on google with the safe search off, I found that the furry community likes the egyptian gods cause
A: They were actually worshipped by and ancient culture, giving us a half excuse
B: They were anthros

So I looke up Anubis on furaffinity. Some chibi ones, but the muscled ones were HOT! No joke. Deviant art had lots more. Damn, I'd let that ammit deamon eat my heart if it let me be the personal slave to Anubis. Sounds wrong, but who gives a wolf's rump.

oh, had a concert last night. It went really great. I got my computer at home set up so no worries there. World of Goo is an awesome game. I suggest you play it.


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