I'm having an art week
black, Wolf
I have been inspired by a dream to draw!  What I'll draw, who knows.  Nothing super erotic, but I'll try to keep it on the cute side.  Anyway, I've been noticing that lots of people are kicking and screaming about the tea party and their candidates.  The republicans really want barack out of the white house.  So whatever happened to us the people?  You poloticians say your trying to help us.  I think pride is suffocating our nation.

I'm completely full of...luv!
black, Wolf
no, i'm not in love.  I haven't met a guy i wanted to date in years.  No, i'm not including celebrity crushes, although if neil patrick harris asked me to be his wingman, i'd just take him home in a heartbeat instead.

i'm a sick creature,
and i still have my soul.  Don't know if i'm gonna get rid of it or not.  better hold on to it for now.

Writer's Block: Redrum
black, Wolf
Describe an April Fools' prank from your life that went horribly awry.

so i decided to scare a friend of mine...in the bathroom!  So I stole all the toilet paper out of the bathroom, schools bathroom mind you, and wait for my friend to go in.  Its a single person bathroom, I wait around for a minute and sure enough, I hear, "Aw you gotta be kidding me!"
I answered back, "Need some toilet paper?"
The door opens.
our senior janitor was standing there.  I was waitnig outside the wrong restroom.  I had an interesting conversation after that.  She understood anyway.

war between fourteen people. and i'm in the crossfire
black, Wolf
So what do you get with undertired, starbuck fed, slightly higher emotional level, and auditions for the big show?  A fire fight.
Everyones complaining about each other behind their backs and acting tolarent in their precense.  Me, i haven't been apart of any of it cause i mind my own business and keep working.  This lets me eavesdrop. 

Maybe someone is complaining about me, but i doubt it.  I'm way to weird to be paid attention to.  Oh well.
I'm becoming injured.
Lets see if i'll survive.

Egypt gods are hot!
black, Wolf
So I was working on a project for my ancient civilization class and I got assigned egyptian gods. After looking up anubis on google with the safe search off, I found that the furry community likes the egyptian gods cause
A: They were actually worshipped by and ancient culture, giving us a half excuse
B: They were anthros

So I looke up Anubis on furaffinity. Some chibi ones, but the muscled ones were HOT! No joke. Deviant art had lots more. Damn, I'd let that ammit deamon eat my heart if it let me be the personal slave to Anubis. Sounds wrong, but who gives a wolf's rump.

oh, had a concert last night. It went really great. I got my computer at home set up so no worries there. World of Goo is an awesome game. I suggest you play it.

Back after Break...wow
black, Wolf

So I've lost touch with reality cause spring break kinda sucked. It was nice and warm in the fourties (I live in wisconsin), then mother nature fucked with us and shat a layer of ice on the ground covered with eight inches of snow. Dammit! I wanna skateboard already!

Anyway, my trip to chicago went well, but I found I can't stand the skyscraper section of a city. Everything's frickin expensive! Screw an arm and a leg, I gotta cut off my balls for a slice of pizza!
So we went to the Apollo theatre, went to a pizzeria, and bought a three buck slice of pizza. Worth it!

Then I got dirrareah the following saturday. Ugh! But the kicker? My mom is racking my ass on finding a job. I went everywhere a few months ago for applications, half of them you gotta do online and the rest don't need help. I hate recessions.


three days to madison
black, Wolf
can't wait to get to madison.  Hopefully no one makes a dick move and rush us as we perform.  I'd hate that.  Plus if someone starts a riot and I get tear gassed. 
anyway, more submissions made and today I'm super-hyper!  I wanna get home and work on art!  Listen to skrillex!  Thats all.

Today-more art
black, Wolf
So i've posted more art to furaffinity, just sketches.  If you don't know it, its www.furaffinity.net/user/blackwolfhell.  I've finally mastered how to draw the head in many perspectives.  Though my work on the body is coming along.
Anyway, choir was okay today, band was okay.  The squashmore percussionists decided to have some fun in the auditorium.  They tried to climb up to the rig, which is FORBIDDEN TO ANY STUDENT!  Except me and three other people.

Anyway.  It's going a lot better today than it was yesterday.   A comment at lunch made me feel sad once again.  They said "let's make like fabric softener and snuggle."  I'm lonely.  I have friends, but I'd like someone to snuggle with, preferably a guy.   Oh, if you didn't know it already, I'm gay.  And I really have a thing about touch.  Being close to people.  I've been distant and secluded most of my life so far until sophmore year, and now I want a companion.  Someone I can hug and skritch.  Stuffed animals can only do so much (NO! I'm NOT a plushie!) 

Anyway, my first two posts have been rants and whining.  Well, it happens.

My choirs falling apart
black, Wolf
Bet Everyone knows about SPASH, well, the choir I'm in is falling apart.  There are people who would like to sing, but some really seem not to care.  It's starting to piss me off.  Were going to madison in five days, with the band, and maybe sing for the assembly and senate, and got to milwaukee. and chicago to perform.  after that, me and thriteen others are coming back while the others continue to New Orleans.  I really don't want to sound like crap and be a mediocre choir.  Everyone doesn't want it either, but they can't suck it up enough to try.  Some of us are and I really am getting annoyed by it. 
Yes, there are people worse off than me, but that doesn't mean my problems don't matter.  I'm in the here and now and getting pissed off. 

                  -Charlie Brown


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